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  2. About us

    ShenRunZhai Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

    Chinese culture spread to traditional culture as the core, relying on the flower industry as a platform, based on the model, the heritage of Chinese civilization, take five, the unity of knowledge, establish the correct world outlook, outlook on life and ethics, the "culture" in practice, to take into the road, through the platform of flower business

    ShenRunZhai Gardening Co., Ltd.

    ShenRunZhai horticulture, plant science, set ikebana culture and leisure tourism as one, with tea, Ikebana and DIY health products based on. In the 500 acre boutique park to build a modern agricultural sightseeing area, flower culture industry core area, the busy city people retreat area, to guide people to slow down, calm down, and nature...

    TianXiang Garden Flower Co., Ltd.

    Tianxiang garden -- twenty years, only that a commitment of twenty years ago, we have been waiting for you silently, we would like to become a scenic city, instantly flashes on the way, you go home, for twenty years, we worked hard skills, excellence, waiting for your approval of the most sincere, we still adhere to today a promise...


    Latest News



    F l o w e r l e c t u r e r 花 藝 講 師 班 浙江 • 嘉興 中國插花花藝講師是由中國插花花藝協會認證的、業內具權威性的講師資格證!傳播弘揚中國插花花藝文化是插花花藝者的責任和義務,系統的規范的插花培訓體系是花藝講師應遵循的準則!2018年2月1日中國插花花藝協會啟...

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